What does ACL audit software cost?

ACL Audit Software cost is a sometimes hot topic in the industry. The reason for this debate is that the ACL Audit Tool is serving a very specialized need. It serves the need of the audit and enterprise risk market. The primary reason for this debate is that there are other tools available in the market, which are equally capable. Therefore it is important to understand the reasons to choose ‘Audit Command Language Software’.

ACL audit software cost

acl audit software cost
acl audit software cost

Firstly, the cost of the ACL audit analytics tool is not clearly known. There is no mention of the price online. The company encourages prospective clients to get in touch directly. Therefore, it is assumed that the price is negotiable to the extent that is significantly cheaper than competing tools like SAS. This is so because other tools offer greater suite products. The license for BASE SAS software is sometimes estimated at $100,000 upwards. This is quite an investment for any firm. Therefore, the cost of the tool and scope of a companies services must be weighed appropriately.

ACL Audit Software Cost and ROI

Keeping in the context that the Audit Command Language software is designed primarily for audit and risk projects makes for a rather small niche of services. Therefore, firms do not have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a Software like SAS for audit projects. In order to make this investment worth it, the ACL software should be used complimented with other tools like SQL server and MS Excel. Such an approach offsets the heavy cost of tools like SAS and also provide for performance gains.

Overall, it is important to clearly identify the goals for a software tool. The case should always be such that requirements are just met appropriately, rather than spending a large amount for very little and modest gains. This way of approaching the ROI problem is especially suitable for a tool like ‘ACL Analytics

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