Is ACL Compliance Useful?

ACL Compliance is nothing but a result of a branding exercise on the part of ACL Analytics. The audit industry is one that relies very heavily on the trust. Therefore, for every player in the industry, it is very important to display this attribute. One way to display this attribute by the tools and methodologies used by the audit firms. This is also the reason why there aren’t many players in this industry. This trend is consistent with the companies, which provide software tools for the audit firm like the Big 4. As a result, these tools form the basis of trust in the quality of audits performed by these firms. The ACL accounting software is one such tool. It is synonymous with the audit industry.

Important of ACL Compliance

ACL Compliance
ACL Compliance

ACL compliance is as a certificate of quality for any audit. Over the years, as technology has evolved, it is no surprise that has made its way into the audit industry.  The audit industry is not one that takes to change willingly. Therefore, it has been one of the slower adopters of technology. The industry has always employed certified professionals like auditors and accountants. This has built the trust in the audit practice. Therefore, the software tools for audit professionals should live up to these standards. ACL data analytics is the ideal GRC audit software for this need.

ACL Compliance – The gold Standard for Audits?

The ACL audit analytics tool is considered to be the gold standard to be part of audits. Firstly, its ease of use for audit professionals in a very good feature. This makes it easy to encourage adoption across the industry. This trend is rather self-evident. Secondly, the power of an audit data analytics software really broadens the scope of an audit. This increases the quality of the audit findings. The audit professionals are allowed to drill as deep as they like.

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